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Related post: Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2003 12:33:29 -0700 From: Marc A. Subject: The Real American Idol, Part 1This story is nymphette purely fictional. It in no way suggests the true sexuality of Joshua Gracin, Clay Aiken, Ruben Studdard, or Ryan Seacrest, or holds any personal knowledge about their private lives. The following nymphette free story takes place right after the Tuesday night episode of the Movies-themed show. Charles and Vanessa have already been voted off.The crowd roared as Josh Gracin walked off-stage; he had just given the performance of a free youngest nymphets lifetime with nymphet child porn "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" by 3d nude nymphets Aerosmith. The judges were particularly ecstatic tonight, pretty nude nymphets even Simon nymphet nude 5 yr Cowell. With a big grin on his face, Josh ran backstage after the big group number at the end. The 10 idols walked together, each departing at their dressing room."You were great out there," said Carmen happily, patting Josh on the back as they passed her room."Yeah, nice job," said Trenyce, walking off baby nymphetes into nymphets cunts hers.The others all congratulated each other and soon it was left to Clay and Josh, whose rooms were next to each other."I'll see you in a lil' bit," said Clay, shutting the door behind him. Josh was alone as he walked into his room nudist nymphette and shut the little girl nymphets pics door."FINALLY!" he sighed. He looked around the empty room. "Nobody but me."Tired from that night, he layed down on nymphet non nude the couch and turned teens bbs nymphets on the television."News, news, news. There's nothing on!" He kept flipping channels until he finally came to some music video thing on VH1 with an extremly hot girl with the firmest tits ever. naked nymphets preeten bbs They almost fell out of her tight shirt, and her mini-skirt elite russian nymphettes was hiked up to her pussy."Oh, fuck!" Josh cried. "She's fuckin' fine." Even though he had a wife, Josh couldn't help fantasizing about this extremely hot woman on television. beautiful nymphet pussy Her tits, her pussy, her face--all sexy. He continued watching as free little nymphets pics she giggled and jiggled. Knowing he was in private, Josh's hand slid down to the crotch of his nymphet gallery links pants.His cock was rapidly growing, and was pointed down his left leg towards his foot. He free nymphet yo art felt it swell to its full flagpole size. Slowly, he took off his shirt, undid his litlle nymphets belt buckle, unbuttoned his home naked nymphets jeans, and slid down his pants. 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Clay was at a nymphets lollipop loss for words."So you're...gay?" asked Josh."Well, yeah," Clay responded, taking a seat next to him. "Does that matter?""No, actually, not at all.""So, you're gay, too?" Clay rapidshare wild nymphets asked hopingly."Nah," Josh said vaguely, trailing off at the end."Oh." Clay went to the television, shut it off, and stood there. It was silent, and extremely awkward for both of them."Well, it looks like you're not quite finished," said Josh, adjusting his legs a bit. Clay nymphet 13 yr noticed that he pedo nymphette could see under the towel at flat chested nymphet that angle, and Josh's nymphet girlies huge cock was just hanging there in the shadows. Then he realized that Josh was looking directly at his own hard-on, which wasn't very well concealed."You kinda caught me at a bad time," he responded. He looked down at his own dick, and then noticed that Josh was reaching down to rub his own extremely large cock through his towel. "But I guess you weren't finished, either."Josh laughed a bit, and nymphet porn google nodded. "We kingdom nymphet bbs board nymphets can finish together, if nymphets young blue you want."Clay tiny naked nymphets was surprised by his words. free nymphette adult tgp "But I thought tiny nymphet pussies you were straight.""I am," he responded, "but it never hurts to experiment.""Well, ok then," youngest nymphets ever Clay said, happy in his own mind."Whip off that towel and let's see what ya' got," nubile little nymphet nymphettes thumbs Josh said, a smile free movies little nymphets on his sexy face. Somewhat embarrassed, Clay unwrapped his towel and sat down next to Josh, his boner sticking straight up from his sparkle nymphets pussy pelvis. "Holy fuck!" Josh exclaimed.Clay's cock was nymphet images a sight to behold. It was around 4.5" in circumference, and just nymphette pussies about 7.5" inches with a full boner. Clay had wild brown pubes all around his thick meat, and his balls hung just litlle teens nymphets about as low as Josh's, except they were somewhat larger in size. nymphet bbs rapidshare His tween nymphets hand could barely fit around it petite nymphete tgp as he grabbed it to show it to Josh, who knew that Clay's ears were humongous, but not his cock."You wanna feel?" Clay asked."Yeah, sure," Josh said, not caring about risking his sexuality."Well, not nymphets teen 8 yet," Clay said, russian nymphets forum whipping his body back. nymphets girls angels bbs "I've gotta see what you've got under the towel.""Um, sure," Josh said. Hesitantly, he stood up, baby dark nymphets his pecs shining, and let the towel fall loose to the floor. Clay's eyes went wide at Josh's somewhat smaller but oh so thick and meaty sausage. Instinctively, Clay's hand shot out to hold naked nymphets thumbs his drooping balls. Surprising both himself and Clay, Josh nymphet pic sample didn't flinch."Damn, you've got a nice cock," Clay said, withdrawing his hand from Josh's hot and musky balls."Yeah, you too," said Josh. "Now can I feel?""Oh," said Clay, "You can do a LOT more than feel."TO nymphet bestiality BE CONTINUED.......
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